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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That's Blog News!

What a week! I haven't been able to paint, make entries in my Blog, and spend time with my friends on Scuttlebutt. Instead I have been wrestling with this stupid laptop! OK, so maybe I'm the one who is "Stupid," but I don't think it was anything the "User" did, just a bizerk computer!%@! (I'm probably not supposed to say that in a Blog! Excuzzze Me!)

It was one of those computer weeks when everything falls apart. Surely, you must have had a few days like that. ;-) Anyway, sorry for wasting this space with a bunch of gripes but I really needed to blow off some steam.

I have to admit I did get a lot of help during my crash. It cost me but I upgraded Microsoft Word, Norton Antivirus, and caught up on my quota of booze. My headache is gone and the laptop is sailing along. If I only knew to where it was sailing?!!

I'm painting tomorrow no matter what!


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