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Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow Day

We are getting our first snow of the year, today. It looks great and doesn’t look like it will be too heavy or last too long. It is just the right kind of snow to enjoy while sipping a cup of coffee while watching it fall.

I've been working on the Old Stone House the past couple of days. Not long working days, just an hour or two per session. I'm painting the trees right now. There are quite a few and they require a slow delicate approach to do the branches and stems. Changes to the painting are not very dramatic right now. So, I'll show you a couple of photos of this morning's snow instead.

A Short walk to the studio.

The view out front from the Cottage porch.

With so many plans being made for the holidays Barbara and I are also keeping busy getting the cottage winterized and making our lists for Santa Clause. We're planning to spend Christmas with all the children and grandchildren in Orlando, FL.