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Friday, February 27, 2009

Christmas II

We stayed on with the Leverings in St. Petersburg through New Year’s, and then on Sunday January 4th we headed over to Kissimmee for a week of rest and relaxation at the Wyndham Start Island Resort. We also spent some time visiting with some good friends. It is always great to see Carol (our friend for over 27 years).

After a great week at Star Island, we moved our kit a couple of miles over to the Marriott Grande Visit for another wonderful week of vacationing.

This time of year in Florida is sometimes a surprise when it comes to the weather. Our week at the Grande Vista was no different. A couple of days were shrouded in fog! Fortunately, there were also days when we sat by the pool and caught some warm rays!

Later in the week we scooted back to St. Petersburg for a two-day stop over and another round of hugs from the Levering gang. We also attended two soccer matches, one for Leighton and one for Landon.

It was amazing how cold it could feel after the sun goes down and the temperature hits the 40’s. Another one of those weather things we run into now and then while wintering in Florida.

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