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Sunday, March 14, 2010

There is never an Excuse...

Since returning home to Blowing Rock, here in the High Country, I have been getting things done left and right. The  only problem is we have been getting all the wrong things done! A major project in particular was waiting for us the moment we came through the door of the cabin -- a water pipe had frozen, split, and then created a small lake in the utility room. It took a total of three weeks and a half dozen repairmen to find the leak, replace the copper pipe in the attic, dry all the water up, patch holes in the walls, paint and repair wall boards and clean up the remnants of all that labor. All this took place during the coldest, snowiest, frozenness weeks in February.

JB 018_Sml

A few trees were hit by ice and wind

Thanks to Mother Nature, I had to shovel snow every morning to ensure we could keep the four-wheel going and supplies coming in from the grocery store. It became hard to remember just how much fun our winter vacation had been.

Both Barb and I have kept very busy. Unfortunately that means doing everything but painting! After our tough winter most everything around the cottage is healing including, the poor soaked lawn, the ice storm downed trees and even the water pipes. Life is good. DSC00031-Sml

I have to say though, there really is never an excuse for not  painting.



                                                                           No place to go until it melts.