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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fire Starter - Next Step

As I mentioned in my last post, I am doing some preparatory studies to test the affect of using sepia paint when I actually work on the final painting of The Old Stone House. I am interested in finding the right combination of color and glazes to give the Stone House an antiqued look. The client (my sister) wants the painting to show her 1798 house as it may have looked 200+ years ago.

I began this series of tests with a painting of a native building a fire by the light of the moon in a dark jungle scene. While far from the setting of the Stone House, the "Fire Starter" will give me a good set of elements to test my "Antiquing" colors.

After preparing a line drawing of the Fire Starter and then transferring the drawing to a small (11 1/2" X 9") gessoed canvas, I then used both cool and warm Acrylic paint as an undercoating.
This post shows the progress of applying Water Soluble Oils as I develop the study to a point where I can actually apply a sepia glaze to test my theory that sepia will give me the “Antique” look I am hoping for.


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