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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fire Starter Progress

I changed the painting by removing the hat and going with a more island native look for the fire starter. I’ve also began to fill in the sky and toned down the fires reflection that surrounds the native.

I have been working as frequently as I can but still allowing the paint to dry between layers. I have used a Winsor & Newton water mixable paint called Artisan exclusively for the study. I have also added a mixture of Artisan fast drying medium with a little Artisan painting medium to the paint before applying it to the painting. The two mediums provide a smoother brush stroke and faster drying. One thins the consistency of the colors which aids in detail painting, while the other speeds up the drying time.

I may have made this study a bit too dark. I will have to see if I have got it too dark after I add the sepia glaze in a few more days.

The finished painting will need to dry completely before I can apply a glaze of sepia as my finishing touch.



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog L8ter and commenting on my collage! I am honoured! Your work is amazing and I am very respectful of your talent!! Thank you for sharing your talent, experience, techniques and experimentations with us. I look forward to seeing your collages when you do them. Val (Black Rose).

  2. It is good to see you back on the net my friend. This one continue to evolve with each new step more beautiful than the last.

    Best Regards,