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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fire Starter

Before I transfer the study image of The Old Stone House I want to do a few experimental paintings in Water Soluble Oil paints to test the use of sepia as an “aging” formula before I actually do use sepia on The Old Stone House painting. I’ll start with a painting that I have actually been thinking about doing for some time. After I put the effort into a painting I hope to be able to show the work later, too.

This first study is entitled “Fire Starter”. The scene will be in the dark jungle with light areas provided by a full moon and a small warming fire. I intend to use the sepia as a final glaze to provide the look of both intense darkness and also a feeling of antiquity to the painting. Although entirely different from the Old Stone House, I hope to get the same effect in both the study and the Stone House.

I first created a line drawing of the study, and then transferred the drawing to a small gessoed canvas.

Next, I used both cool and warm Acrylic paint as an undercoating. This provides an excellent base for the water soluble oils.


1 comment:

  1. Well Joe...once again your talent leaves me breathless. Great work.