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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Santee and Beyond

We left Florida on a very pretty morning under bright skies and 73 degree temperatures. However, by the time we rolled past Jacksonville, Florida the dark thick clouds greeted us. What a Bummer! Not only had the weather been down the toilet this past week, but now it was raining and quite cold, too. To borrow a line from Snoopy, “ was a dark and stormy night...” As if to punctuate the damp and chilly week, I could not seem to ditch my nasty cold!

Up until now we have actually been too busy to sit down and do some painting with the all supplies we had brought along on our trip. Now, despite having some indoor time to paint, I have had absolutely no energy or desire to even look at my brushes and paints. Barb hasn’t felt like painting either.

On the second day, January 27th, of our stay in Santee, I finally broke down and went to the local clinic to see if I could get some help with my cold. I was encouraged to learn that my cold had not turned into anything really nasty like bronchitis or pneumonia.

With encouragement from my doctor-fix, we continued on to our next stop in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina on Wednesday, January 28th. Ever optimistic, I was certain that I would soon be rid of the thing; little did I know.

We were not prepared for the beautiful view we were so fortunate to enjoy at the Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort at Grande Dunes.



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