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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

July 30 -- Fifth Day

On Monday, July 28th, we showed up at The Jones House in Boone, NC at 10 a.m. to hang this year’s annual High Country Watermedia show. There were about 25 paintings ranging from watercolor to collage. It was a terrific show with lots of wonderfully talented members contributing their handcrafted works of art. Barbara and I both brought in a contribution.

I was also preparing three paintings for hanging at a business in Blowing Rock, NC later in the week. So, I didn’t get right back to my completion of the demonstration painting I had started last Friday (7/26/08). In fact it was not until Wednesday, July 30th that I picked up the painting where I had left off last Sunday (See my last Blog called, “July 28 – Second Day” for details.

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I had already made some changes in direction for this painting from my original study. As I worked on the Lilies in the left hand corner I decided to make them Daylilies. I had originally planned to use a light pink variety but opted for the bright orange ones we have in our yard in the spring. I cause me a lot of rework time to make the change but I love the color so much I’m glad I went in that direction. I was going for some color and a bit of excitement, too. I also worked on the foreground detail. By the end of this two hour session the painting was taking on the look I had envisioned.



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