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Friday, August 15, 2008

July 28th -- Second Day

I didn't get back to the Blue Ridge Clan’s demo painting until July 28th. When I did find some time to work on it, I only had a couple of hours. So, I didn't get very much done on the second day either, but a lot more than I was able to do at the actual demo day itself. This is how the demo looked on July 26th when I finished my allotted time at the meeting;

As you can see in the demo, I was only able to get a few elements from my study onto paper. The painting took a few turns as I started painting. I had the study in front of me, but I decided to deviate from my plan as my brush begain splashing paint on the paper. I guess my "Muse" took over and headed me in a slightly different direction. I started with the sky and mountains and set aside an area for the clump of flowers. These elements were still in the left corner where they had appeared in the study, but the demo was full of wide open spaces as it took shape. Did I mention the new walking path?

At my studio on the 28th, I started laying out that first pine tree in the space I had left in the demo. From that point on I had a plan for how I wanted the painting to end up. After those two hours in the studio this new version of the painting was taking shape. I should mention here that what has taking place was not, in my opinion, a failure to plan or to follow a plan. It is the kind of thing that happens when a new idea develops from another idea. The basic subject is still present, but now I would bring it along in a slightly different way. Some painters may find this a bit too serendipity, but I believe it is a real opportunity to see how ideas evolve as you work. As I put the painting together I was also sketching directly on the watercolor paper and shaping the finished painting in my mind. Here is my effort from the 28th.

Although I didn't know it at the time, it would be another three days before I picked up the painting again.



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