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Friday, October 23, 2009

Moving Ahead

I have begun working on the actual painting of the Old Stone House for my sister. All the studies, canvas building, glazing tests and trials are finally over. It is time to go to work.

Last evening I transferred my study to the pre-gessoed canvas. This initial graphic drawing is very light and not too visible at this stage; sorry! However, this drawing is very important to the finished painting. Getting it right will save me a lot of touch up time as I move further along in the painting stages.

This is an exciting time in any painting, when the painting takes shape. I have always believed that a basic understanding of drawing techniques is critical to any painting regardless of whether it is a painting of a figure, landscape or even an abstract. Being able to visualize with a pencil or piece of charcoal is a skill that every artist should constantly work at becoming as good as they can.



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