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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liechtenstein Revisited

After a couple of final weeks of baking in the sun, like oil paintings, water-soluble paintings “cure” best. I have them parked in front of my studio windows facing west for afternoon sunlight. Although, our latest run of daily rain showers have provided very little sunlight of late we have had enough to dry the paintings fairly well.

My study I called, “Liechtenstein,” is fairly well along now. In its final stages I’ve decided to change the name to, “The Castle above Vaduz”. Here is a recent photo of the study:

Although I have a few more touches to make, you may have recognized where the scene in my painting comes from.

At the far Eastern end of Switzerland along the Austrian border is the tiny independent nation of Liechtenstein. There's not a whole lot to see of this country but there is the novelty factor – a beautiful castle. Liechtenstein is ruled by a Prince (Hans Adam II). The painting shows the royal residence.

It is no longer open to the public because the Prince lives there. The castle is perched on a cliff above the capital city of Vaduz.

The next step for the painting is to apply the sepia glaze for an antiquing affect.



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