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Monday, April 28, 2008

Moving On

I’ll write more on my journey to watercolor in a later post. Time to move on to … painting.

It is a real rainer this morning. It is dark, wet, and gloomy. I usually like the rain but I could have used some more peppy weather for a Monday. I have plenty of windows and lots of natural light in my studio, but only if the sun actually comes out. Duh! Otherwise, I’ll need to turn on the floodlights to see what I’m painting. I really need to start a piece this morning or I will waste the week with a lot of meaningless drivel. If I can pull myself together and go to work, I know I will chase the gloom away. I would just rather paint with natural light. Oh well, take’em as you find’em!

I hope the sun is shinning on your day wherever you are contemplating an art project. If not, be happy for the day and what it will bring.



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