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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Love Those Hills

I am back working at the Stone House again. Yesterday afternoon I worked on the hills that rise above and behind the Old Stone House. The situation of the house is really a beautiful spot. I've tried to bring some of the color out in the hills. I'm working from a photo taken last February, which is definitely not as colorful as I have made them in the painting. Keep in mind that I will be doing an antiquing technique on the painting as my final stage. So, the hills and surrounding countryside will become darker and "older" with an application of Sepia glazing. All the colors will settle down then. I have mixed a little mortar like color into the surface of the exterior walls of the house. I will add a few stones to this surface to represent that unique look of stone. The stone on the house gives it a stunning beauty, which I hope to capture even at this distance.

I have also defined some of the lawn and brush behind the house. The patch of lawn is too flat at this point but will have more texture as I work on it. I have also defined several of the neighboring buildings in the upper left of the hills. These too will be toned down as I push them back into the hills.

Although the road has a macadam surface I will probably treat the road as it would have been in an earlier view with a more typical hard-packed mud surface.



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